Quality Replacement Windows Installed in Bloomington-Normal Aluma-Side

Gone are the days of drafty panes and dated styles. Let us breathe new life into your home with the magic of modern technology and new windows! Our team of expert vinyl window installers are passionate about helping you find the perfect fit for your vision and budget. Whether you’re chasing energy savings, boosting curb appeal, or simply craving a fresh new look, we have the windows to make your dreams a reality. From sleek contemporary styles to timeless classics, our diverse selection of Preservation windows offers something for every taste.

Come explore our vinyl windows and unlock a brighter future for your Bloomington-Normal residence. Let the light in, let the warmth radiate, and let Aluma-Side Siding & Window make your window replacement dreams a reality!

Bloomington-Normal Windows: Enhance Your Energy-Efficiency

Aluma-Side Siding & Window isn’t just another window company – we’re matchmakers, pairing you with the perfect Preservation window to elevate your home’s beauty, comfort, and efficiency.

Decades of experience, award-winning service, and industry-leading Preservation Windows – that’s the Aluma-Side difference. Our experts understand the nuance of these your home. Preservation Windows boast features like triple-pane glazing, innovative technology, and stunning styles to fit any budget. Bid farewell to drafty winters and hello to energy savings, year-round comfort, and curb appeal that shines. Ready to unlock your home’s potential? We’re just a click away!

Double Hung Windows in Bloomington: Let Light & Comfort In With Aluma-Side

Drawing inspiration from the storied legacy of North American architectural traditions, Preservation Double-Hung Windows seamlessly meld age-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge, performance-driven attributes. This unique fusion optimizes the infusion of natural light, crafting an exceptional, hassle-free living ambiance tailored for the ultimate double-hung window experience.

Energy Efficiency Difference

  • 1″ Thick Insulating Glass with SST Warm-Edge Spacer System: Not all double hung windows use 1″ thick glass. While thicker glass is generally more insulative, some brands employ different thicknesses or spacer systems. The SST warm-edge spacer system is also a unique technology specific to Preservation windows.
  • Progressive Efficiency Carbonized Polystyrene Insulation: This type of insulation is not commonly used in all window brands. Many manufacturers rely on different insulation materials or techniques.
  • TrueCapture Sloped Sill: This patented design is exclusive to Preservation windows and provides unique water management benefits.
  • Heavy-Duty Mylar Weatherstripping: While Mylar is used in weatherstripping by various brands, the specific “heavy-duty” version you mentioned may be unique to Preservation.
  • Dual-Durometer Exterior Glazing Bead: This particular design with two firmness levels is a patented technology specific to Preservation windows.


  • CAM-ACTION LOCK: This multi-point locking system with a low-profile design is unique to Preservation Windows. It offers enhanced security compared to traditional locks by engaging the sash to the frame at multiple points, making it more difficult for forced entry.
  • TILT LATCHES & SASH VENT STOPS: The combination of “contoured” tilt latches for easy operation and built-in sash vent stops for precise control over opening angle is specific to Preservation. This feature combination enhances both convenience and safety, setting it apart from similar features in other brands.
  • MAXUM 33 REINFORCEMENT: This internal fiberglass reinforcement for the sash meeting rails is a unique characteristic of Preservation windows. It strengthens the window’s structure and prevents bowing or warping, ensuring long-lasting durability.

How It works

Get Your New Double-Hung Windows

Replacing your windows is an investment in your home’s comfort, beauty, and value. And when you choose Aluma-Side Siding and Windows for your double hung needs, you’re choosing the best! So, open your windows to a world of possibilities. Explore the options below and contact Aluma-Side Siding and Window today and let them show you the difference of Preservation double hung windows.



Quality Preservation Slider Windows Installed by Aluma-Side in Bloomington Area

Tired of drafty windows and skyrocketing energy bills? Imagine opening your home to effortless breezes, bathed in natural light, all while keeping your budget snug and comfortable. Aluma-Side Siding & Window, Bloomington’s trusted home improvement expert, makes it a reality with Preservation Slider Windows.

Sliding Window Features
  • Effortless Glide: Forget clunky windows. Solid-brass tandem rollers ensure smooth, year-round operation, making opening and closing a breeze.
  • Energy Savings Hero: Slash your bills with 1″ thick insulating glass, a warm-edge spacer system, and advanced carbonized polystyrene insulation. Preservation Sliders keep your Bloomington home cozy while shrinking your energy footprint.
  • Built to Last: Stand the test of time with durable vinyl exteriors that resist fading and peeling, and strong aluminum sashes that promise lasting reliability.
  • Cleaning Made Easy: No more precarious ladder dances! The innovative tilt-in sash design lets you clean the outside from the comfort of your own home.

Slider Function

Invest Today in New Windows

Invest in your Bloomington oasis with Aluma-Side’s expertise and Preservation’s innovation. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Discover how these exceptional windows can transform your home, bringing in light, comfort, and unmatched energy savings.

A brighter, more comfortable, and stylish Bloomington awaits. Let Aluma-Side show you the difference!



Casement Window Replacement in Bloomington Area: Quality From Aluma-Side

From the moment you see Preservation Casement Windows, you’ll understand why they’ve been a beloved choice for years. Unfold the sashes and drink in the panorama of your world, sunrises to sunsets, without a barrier in sight. But beauty isn’t all they offer. We’ve woven cutting-edge performance and energy-efficiency into their timeless elegance, so you can savor the view comfortably and responsibly.

Unmatched Efficiency

  • 1″ thick insulating glass: Keeps the cozy in and the drafts out, all year round.
  • SST warm-edge spacer system: Minimizes heat transfer, saving you energy and money.
  • Progressive Efficiency insulation: Superior thermal performance for a snug and comfortable home.
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping and weatherseals: Impenetrable barriers against the elements.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx high-performance glass packages: Boost your energy savings even further.

Designed for Living

  • Fold-away crank handle: Sleek and unobtrusive, maximizing your view.
  • Stainless steel operating mechanism: Built to last, smooth operation for generations.
  • Single-lever locking handle: Simple, secure, and peace of mind.


How to Get Started

Our team is local and experienced to help you out! So, embrace the open air, effortlessly. Bring the beauty and efficiency of Preservation Casement Windows into your home. Explore the many interior and exterior casement window color options below. Contact us today and discover the view that awaits.



Awning Windows Installed in Bloomington by Aluma-Side

Preservation Awning Windows aren’t just beautiful – they’re your gateway to comfort and worry-free living in Bloomington-Normal. Preservation designed them with your well-being and security in mind, ensuring an elegant style that never compromises on resilience. Their modern lines and cutting-edge engineering promise flawless performance, year after year, come rain or shine. Learn about our quality awning windows below:

Embrace Light and Efficiency

  • 1″ thick insulating glass with SST warm-edge spacer system: Keep the cozy in and the drafts out, all season long.
  • Progressive Efficiency carbonized polystyrene insulation: Superior thermal performance for a comfortable, energy-saving home.
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping and weather seals: Impenetrable barriers against the elements.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx high-performance glass packages: Boost your energy savings and bask in natural light.

Built for Peace of Mind

  • Dual locking system: Locks on each side for an even seal, maximizing energy efficiency and security.
  • Stainless steel operating mechanism: Built to last a lifetime, ensuring smooth operation for generations.

Contact Us to Get Started

Experience the effortless beauty and security of Preservation Awning Windows. Bring natural light and peace of mind into your home. Contact us today and discover the difference.



Bay & Bow Window Replacement In Bloomington-Normal

Unleash a panoramic embrace of light and style with Aluma-Side’s masterfully crafted Preservation bay and bow windows. These aren’t just exterior enhancements; they’re a whole new way of experiencing your home.

Exquisite Beauty, Enduring Strength

  • Origin II premium extruded vinyl: Ditch the paintbrush and revel in a low-maintenance beauty that endures.
  • Coved glazing beads and beveled exterior frame: Every inch exudes timeless elegance.
  • Interior woodgrain and glass options: Tailor your view to your unique style.
  • IntegraWeld fusion welding: Seamless strength for generations of enjoyment.
  • Multiple-point locking and operating hardware: Security and ease of use, flawlessly combined.

Energy Savings that Shine

  • 1″ thick insulating glass with SST warm-edge spacer system: Let the sunlight bathe your home, not your energy bills.
  • Progressive Efficiency insulation: Cozy comfort without sacrificing environmental responsibility.
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping: No draft dares infiltrate your sanctuary.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx high-performance glass packages: Push efficiency to new heights.

Built to Last, Kind to the Planet

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinge system: Effortless operation, year after year.
  • 100% recyclable frames: Invest in beauty that’s good for your home and the world.
  • Optional ClairtyOne low-maintenance glass packages: Forget the squeegee; embrace sparkling clarity.

Ready to step into a brighter, grander reality? Get a free estimate from Aluma-Side today and explore the stunning gallery of Preservation bay, bow, and box windows that await. Let Aluma-Side unlock the captivating possibilities nestled within your walls!




Modern Garden WindowS that put the Bloom in Bloomington: Aluma-Side & Preservation

Aluma-Side’s Preservation Garden Window invites the outdoors in, transforming your space into a sun-drenched space where greenery thrives and comfort reigns. Enjoy natural light, nurture your leafy friends, and savor the cozy warmth – all in the heart of your home.

Bloom Bright, Save Smart

  • 1″ insulating glass: Trap the sunshine, not the energy bills.
  • Casement locking system: A tight seal for year-round comfort.
  • Heavy-duty weather stripping: No draft dares disrupt your garden sanctuary.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx high-performance glass packages: Maximize savings, minimize worries.

Constructed for Effortless Function

  • Fold-away crank handle: Unfold endless possibilities, unobstructed views.
  • Stainless steel operating mechanism: Built for generations of blooming joy.
  • Single-lever locking handle: Effortless security, peace of mind guaranteed.

And the grand finale? A spacious 17″ seatboard, your personal stage to showcase your horticultural masterpieces. 

Have Aluma-Side Install Your Garden Window

Ready to cultivate your own slice of paradise? Get a free estimate from Aluma-Side today and explore the enchanting possibilities of the Preservation Garden Window. Let Aluma-Side help your home blossom beyond your wildest dreams.

Interior Color Options

Exterior Color Options

Window Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! All of our windows are custom and made-to-order. This means the absolute perfect fit for your opening to get even better energy-efficiency. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and hardware options to create the perfect look for your home. 

They feature advanced features like 1" thick insulating  glass, Progressive Efficiency insulation, and weather-tight seals to minimize heat transfer and lower your energy bills.

Aluma-Side is here to help! We offer comprehensive after-sales service and support to ensure your windows continue to shine for years to come.

Yes, there are several grants and incentives available to help homeowners offset the cost of installing preservation windows. These programs are often offered by local and state governments, historical preservation organizations, and utility companies. Here are some resources to help you find available grants and incentives:

The cost of preservation windows from Aluma-side depends on several factors, including the size and style of the windows, the materials used, and the complexity of the installation. However, Aluma-side offers competitive pricing and financing options to help make your project more affordable. They also provide free consultations and estimates, so you can get an accurate idea of the cost before making any decisions.

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The Aluma-Side Tradition

A Dealer of Distinction For Preservation

Aluma-Side isn’t just your local source for premium windows; we’re proud to be a distinguished dealer of Preservation, a partnership built on shared values and a dedication to bringing you the best. Beyond the stunning style and industry-leading efficiency of Preservation windows, you’ll experience the Aluma-Side difference: meticulous installation, expert guidance, and a commitment to your satisfaction. As a “Dealer of Distinction,” we offer exclusive benefits like early access to new products, enhanced training for our team, and a direct line to Preservation’s resources. Discover the confidence of unparalleled quality, expertise, and peace of mind. Transform your home with the beauty and performance of Preservation windows brought to life by Aluma-Side.

Preservation Visualizer

Aluma-Side’s access to the cutting-edge Preservation Visualizer means you can see your dream home come to life before the first tool is lifted. No more guesswork, no more wondering how these beautiful windows will actually look – click, drag, and drop your way to a future look and feel of your home. Experiment with styles, sizes, and colors. Try the Preservation Visualizer today and see your future, illuminated by the perfect windows, brought to life by Aluma-Side.

Quality Windows Installed By Aluma-Side

Area residents have counted on Aluma-Side Siding & Window for over 50 years to install their new windows all around Bloomington-Normal. Thousands of happy homeowners have had the opportunity to see first hand what tradition means for expert home window trasnformation. If you are in Chenoa, Hudson, Goodfield or elsewhere in the surrounding area, we’re here to help you out! Get a free consultation and estimate today on your increased home energy-efficiency.