Beyond Expectations: The Aluma-Side Commitment to Quality through Warranties

At Aluma-Side, we don’t just believe in quality – we build it into everything we do. From the moment you choose us for your home improvement project, our dedication to excellence shines through. But our commitment doesn’t end with installation. We understand that investing in your home is a big decision, and we want to ensure your peace of mind every step of the way. That’s why we offer industry-leading warranties that go above and beyond, protecting your investment and guaranteeing your satisfaction for years to come. It’s a big part of why we’re still trusted after 50 years of existence!

Think of our warranties as a promise – a pledge that your beautiful new siding, energy-efficient windows, or cozy sunroom addition will not only perform flawlessly but will continue to enhance your home and your life for years to come. We stand behind our materials and workmanship with comprehensive warranties that cover everything from product defects to installation quality.

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Our Guarantee is Worry-Free

Aluma-Side Siding & Window has called the Bloomington-Normal area home since 1972. We owe that storied history to our long-time dedication to delivering our customers complete satisfaction. “Homer’s Worry Free Guarantee” is provided with every product and service we offer. That guarantee is our commitment to complete your project to your contentment. Any challenges, questions, or issues  regarding our products or installation will be promptly attended to. Experience a worry-free home exterior remodel with Aluma-Side Siding & Window!

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A Limited Lifetime Warranty from Preservation

Upgrade your Bloomington home with worry-free beauty: Aluma-Side’s Preservation Siding boasts a Lifetime Limited Warranty, transferable for added resale value. Invest in decades of protection and potential buyer confidence, all backed by your trusted Bloomington experts.

See the Full Details of the Lifetime Limited Warranty

At Aluma-Side, our expert installers elevate your Bloomington home with Preservation Siding. Blending beauty and strength, this siding transforms your exterior with timeless distinction. Plus, the Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees peace of mind for years to come. Click the link below for warranty details and discover how Aluma-Side can elevate your home with this quality warranty from Preservation!

Preservation Dealer of Distinction

At Aluma-Side, we’re proud to be recognized as a Preservation Dealer of Distinction. This means we offer Bloomington homeowners exceptional windows built to last, backed by a remarkable Lifetime Limited Warranty. But it’s not just about the windows – it’s about our commitment to your satisfaction. When you choose Aluma-Side, you gain access to our unparalleled service and a lifetime’s worth of reassurance for your Bloomington home.


Windows Backed by Aluma-Side & Preservation

At Aluma-Side, we believe in windows that stand the test of time, just like their warranties. Preservation Windows boast a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty, protecting your investment and offering peace of mind to you and any future homeowner. This warranty is a testament to Preservation’s unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring your window upgrade continues to deliver joy for years to come.

Aluma-Side: Your Shield of Platinum Perfection

Breeze past worry about your roof – choose Aluma-Side, a Platinum Preferred Owens Corning® contractor. We unlock the industry’s best warranties, with up to 50 years of coverage for both materials and installation. Imagine: gold-standard protection, not just for your roof, but for your peace of mind. Secure your Bloomington home’s future with an Aluma-Side roof – worry-free beauty backed by a legendary name.

Your Platinum Warranty from Aluma-Side and Owens's Corning

Bloomington, upgrade your roof with gold standard protection! Aluma-Side, a Platinum Preferred Owens Corning® contractor, delivers unbeatable warranties (up to 50 years!) on both materials and installation. Worry-free beauty, backed by a legendary name. Click below for details and secure your roof’s future with Aluma-Side!

Home Guard's Non-Prorated Lifetime Door Warranty

With a Home Guard Industry door installed by Cramer Siding & Window, you have a quality product backed by a quality company with a quality non-prorated warranty. HGI offers one of the highest quality doors available to homeowners with one of the highest quality warranties in the industry. With a wide variety of styles and finishes to fit even the most discerning of tastes, warranty is there to protect that investment into the future.


Unlocking an awesome warranty with HGI & Aluma-Side

Home Guard Industries offers quality doors with industry leading technology backed by their great non-prorated warranty. This ensures the value of the investment in your door is safeguarded well into the future. Your door will be replaced at no charge for material cost if upon inspection, the dealer and Home Guard’s field representative deem that the defects were not caused by abuse, negligent care or by a home invasion. Get specific information of the HGI Door Warranty below.

Limited Product Warranty from Four Seasons for a Lifetime

Four Season Sunrooms boast some of the best warranties in the industry. Your investment is a fully transferable, lifetime limited one protecting all glass. You not only be protected from the elements in your new space, but from the unknown that the future may bring. Better, you can count on Aluma-Side being there in the future for your warranty needs.

Four Seasons Warranty Guarantees your Transformation

Four Season product warranties can be transferred by the original owner to a purchaser of your home in the event of the sale. This warranty means the investment you make today has real value to you tomorrow. Get the Four Season warranty details below!

The GUTTER HELMET Triple Lifetime Warranty from

Gutter Helmet® stands out as a premier gutter guard system in the market, renowned for its robustness, efficiency, and impressive warranty. The comprehensive Triple Lifetime Warranty not only safeguards against material defects but also ensures the continued performance of the product. Furthermore, this warranty is entirely transferable, enhancing the value of your investment should you decide to sell your home to a new owner.

A Triple Lifetime Warranty From Gutter Helmet Backed by Cramer Siding & Window

The Gutter Helmet system boasts complete enclosure for gutter protection, utilizing surface tension and devoid of vertical openings. This design minimizes the risk of debris entering your gutters. Should you ever experience an issue, the dedicated team at Aluma-Side Siding & Window will promptly address it at your home. Explore further details about the transferable warranty, safeguarding both performance and materials, below.