The Best Backyard: Aluma-Side Reimagines Outdoor Living in Bloomington-Normal

Turning your basic backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space can make every day a staycation! Since 1972, Aluma-Side has been synonymous with transforming homes in the Bloomington Illinois community and we’re helping rewrite the story of outdoor living for area homeowners. We’re not just builders – we’re dream builders, blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation, creating an extension of your home that merges comfortably with nature. Forget flimsy patio furniture and empty concrete solutions and imagine any of our various options helping you entertain family and friends. Learn more about our Pergolas, Screen Rooms, Patio Covers, Awnings, Solar Shades, and Decking below!

Bloomington-Normal Decks Made Easy: Enjoy the Fiberon® Composite difference at Aluma-Side

Fiberon® Horizon Series Decking Installed By Aluma-Side Siding & Window

Crafted with a sweeping grain and dramatic design, the Horizon Series® by Fiberon® transcends ordinary composite decking. Capturing the allure of exotic hardwoods, it elevates your Bloomington-Normal outdoor area with a touch of sophistication and class. But beneath the beauty lies a powerhouse of performance, engineered to withstand weather, time, and everyday wear.

Built to Impress, Engineered to Last
  • Unrivaled Durability: Horizon Series Decking boasts superior strength and resilience, resisting warping, cracking, and fading for years to come. Bloomington-Normal’s harsh seasons become a non-issue with Fiberon’s advanced technology.
  • Effortless Beauty: Say goodbye to staining and sealing! Horizon Series Decking retains its rich, natural color without demanding constant upkeep. Simply sit back, relax, and let the compliments roll in.
  • Slip-Resistant Safety: Enjoy peace of mind with built-in slip resistance, even when wet. Horizon Series Decking prioritizes safety for the entire family, making every barefoot step worry-free.
  • Sustainable Style: Choose a decking solution that respects the environment. Horizon Series Decking is crafted with recycled materials, leaving a lighter footprint on the planet without compromising on stunning aesthetics.

Step onto a canvas of unparalleled performance. Contact Aluma-Side today for a free consultation for a newly installed deck and discover how Horizon Series Decking by Fiberon can transform your Bloomington-Normal outdoor dream into a breathtaking reality!

A new Deck with Concordia: Symmetry Series Decking by Fiberon by Aluma-Side

Step into a space where minimalist beauty meets performance. Concordia: Symmetry Series Decking by Fiberon redefines modern outdoor living with its low-gloss formula and micro-texturing, crafting a unique finish that showcases luxury. Subtle grain patterns, each etched with detail and guaranteed to be repeat-free, add a touch of nature’s uniqueness while minimizing overpowering lines.

Symmetry Series boasts a reversible design, featuring identical finished surfaces on both sides. Ideal for second-story decks, it not only saves time and money during installation but also reduces waste, making it a cost-conscious choice for your Bloomington-Normal home. Its rigorous testing for applications ensures versatility and resilience against the harshest elements that decks would be exposed to.

Concordia: Symmetry Series Features
  • Effortless Elegance: The low-gloss, wire-brushed finish elevates your outdoor space with a modern touch that never goes out of style.
  • Minimal Upkeep: Forget staining and sealing – Symmetry Series retains its rich, natural look with minimal maintenance, leaving you free to simply enjoy your deck.
  • Built to Last: Bloomington-Normal’s seasons are no match for this composite. Symmetry Series boasts superior strength and resilience, resisting warping, cracking, and fading for years to come.
  • Double the Beauty, Half the Waste: The reversible design minimizes installation time and reduces waste, making your dream deck not only stunning but also environmentally responsible.
  • Tested & Versatile: From deck boards to cladding, Symmetry Series stands up to rigorous testing, offering endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor space.
  • Sustainable Style: Crafted with 94% recycled content, this decking solution lets you responsibly embrace its charm.

Transform your Bloomington-Normal vision into reality. Contact Aluma-Side today for a free estimate and discover how Concordia: Symmetry Series Decking can unlock a canvas of modern allure and unwavering performance for your dream outdoor haven!

Symmetry Series Color Options

Horizon Series Color Options

Sanctuary Series Decking by Fiberon Installed in Bloomington By Aluma-Side

Picture this: your Bloomington-Normal outdoor area, with sturdy deck boards that won’t give you the headache of maintenance or the frustration of warping. This is the reality of Sanctuary Series Decking by Fiberon, installed by Aluma-Side. Its rich, multi-tonal hues and rustic embossing create a feeling of timeworn lumber, while its innovative technology ensures your deck remains effortlessly beautiful all year long.

Sanctuary Series Unrivaled Performance
  • Impenetrable Protection: The three-sided PermaTech cap layer shields your deck from the elements, resisting fading, staining, and scratches. Bloomington-Normal’s sun and storms become a non-issue, leaving your newly installed deck pristine and worry-free.
  • Solid Footing: Unlike traditional lumber, Sanctuary Series decking boasts a flat-profile bottom that provides exceptional stability and a comfortable feel underfoot. Barefoot moments become pleasurable, and your deck remains sturdy for years to come.
  • Nature’s Toughness, Modern Engineering: Strong composite construction stands strong against splintering, rotting, cracking, insects, and decay. Sanctuary Series weathers time and elements, demanding minimal maintenance while delivering enduring beauty.
  • Sustainable Sanctuary: Make a conscious choice for your outdoor haven. Sanctuary Series is crafted with 95% recycled content, allowing you to enjoy your oasis while respecting the environment.

Embrace the beauty and lasting performance of Sanctuary Series Decking for your new deck installation. Contact Aluma-Side today for a free estimate and let our tradition of quality home improvement transform your Bloomington-Normal dream backyard into a reality!

Sanctuary Series Color Options

FIBERON Decking Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomington-Normal weather throws everything at you: sun, rain, snow, you name it. Both Horizon and Sanctuary Series boast top-notch weather resistance. Horizon's cathedral grain and superior strength stand firm against the elements, while Sanctuary Series' PermaTech cap layer shields it from fading and stains. Aluma-Side can help you choose the perfect fit based on your style, budget, and weather priorities.

The cost depends on factors like deck size, chosen series, and desired features. But worry not! Aluma-Side offers free consultations and personalized quotes, ensuring you get the best value for your dream deck installation. Plus, remember, Fiberon's minimal upkeep saves you money in the long run compared to traditional lumber.

While DIY is always an option, Aluma-Side's experienced team recommends professional installation for optimal results. We handle everything from permit acquisition and foundation work to meticulous board placement and finishing touches. This ensures your Bloomington-Normal deck is not only stunning but also structurally sound and built to last.

Say goodbye to another weekend chore! Unlike wood, Fiberon's Horizon and Concordia Series eliminate the need for staining and sealing. Their vibrant colors withstand sun and rain, leaving you free to enjoy your Bloomington-Normal home without constant maintenance.

Absolutely! Choosing Aluma-Side for your Bloomington-Normal deck means making a conscious choice. Sanctuary Series boasts 95% recycled content, while Concordia's commitment to sustainable materials sets a new standard for outdoor living. Enjoy your beautiful haven knowing you're respecting the environment.

A Pergola Paradise: Aluma-Side Builds Your Bloomington Outdoor Dreams

Imagine sun-kissed afternoons spent under the graceful embrace of a pergola, its open frame catching the summer breeze and casting inviting shadows over laughter-filled gatherings. This isn’t just a dreamy vision – it’s the reality Aluma-Side crafts in Bloomington-Normal with stunning installation of TEMO pergolas.

We’ve been transforming backyards into extensions of your home. Our over five decades of experience help build pergolas that provide timeless enjoyment. Whether you yearn for the classic charm of a TEMO Pergola or the sleek lines of a contemporary Operable Aluminum Pergola, our design and installation experts will bring your vision to life.

Ready to unveil your personal pergola paradise? Contact Aluma-Side today for a free consultation and experience the art of transforming your backyard into a masterpiece of outdoor living.

Frequently Asked Questions about pergolas

The good news is that pergolas typically don't require a building permit in Bloomington-Normal! However, it's always best to check with your local zoning department to ensure there aren't any specific regulations for your property or subdivision. We at Aluma-Side can help you navigate this process and ensure your pergola aligns with local requirements!

The cost can vary depending on the size, materials, and design features of your pergola. But at Aluma-Side, we offer a range of options to fit any budget, from classic TEMO pergolas to sleek aluminum operable designs. We also provide free consultations and no-pressure quotes, so you can explore your options with confidence.

Our pergolas are low-maintenance and virtually maintenance free. Our aluminum pergolas benefit from periodic cleaning to keep them looking their best. Our experts can recommend the best maintenance practices for your specific pergola type that is installed. 

Absolutely! Imagine adjusting your roof with the touch of a button, soaking up the sunshine or cozying up under the stars. We offer stunning operable pergolas that add an extra layer of flexibility and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

Yes! The possibilities are endless! String lights, hanging planters, shade sails, or even built-in benches – we can help you with ideas to customize your pergola into a truly personalized space. Our team is equipped to handle design!

Escape the Buzz, Embrace the Breeze: Screen Rooms in Bloomington-Normal

Forget buzzing mosquitoes and stifling humidity – your Bloomington-Normal oasis awaits with an Aluma-Side screen room! Imagine starlit dinners shielded from pesky critters, lazy afternoons lulled by the whispering breeze, and a haven for year-round outdoor enjoyment. Screen rooms aren’t just add-ons – they’re beautiful extensions of your home, blurring the lines between indoors and out.

Why Embrace the Screened Life?

  • Bug-free bliss: Say goodbye to itchy bites and buzzing flies! Enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort.
  • A seasonal sanctuary: Extend your living space beyond the confines of walls, savoring cool summer nights and crisp autumn mornings without the chill.
  • Endless possibilities: From cozy reading nooks to alfresco dining areas, screen rooms become versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, and family gatherings.
  • Increased home value: Add instant curb appeal and enhance the livability of your Bloomington-Normal home.

Aluma-Side, with decades of experience crafting outdoor dreamscapes in this very community, brings its expertise to screen room installation. We offer a range of styles and customization options to perfectly match your home and vision. Whether you crave the classic charm of a traditional screen room or the sleek lines of a modern sunroom, we’ll integrate your vision into your landscape, creating an inviting extension of your living space.

Ready to step into your bug-free oasis? Contact Aluma-Side today for a free estimate and discover the magic of screen rooms in Bloomington-Normal!

Screen Room Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, screen rooms don't require permits in Bloomington-Normal. However, it's always best to check with your local zoning department for specific regulations about your property. We can assist you in this process!

The cost can vary depending on the size, materials, and design features of your screen room. We offer a variety of options to fit any budget and will provide a free, no-pressure quote during your consultation.

Absolutely! From ceiling fans and lighting to flooring and furniture, we can help you personalize your screen room to perfectly reflect your unique style and needs.

Regular cleaning and occasional screen replacements are essential for optimal performance. However, screen rooms offer low-maintenance enjoyment compared to traditional decks or patios.

While designed for fair-weather enjoyment, some screen rooms can be adapted for colder months with heaters and insulated walls. We can explore options to extend your screen room's usability throughout the year.

Patio Cover Installation around Bloomington-Normal

Forget chasing shade or dreading unexpected downpours – your Bloomington-Normal backyard deserves a sanctuary that embraces both sunshine and starlight. Enter the Aluma-Side patio cover: the extension of your home that shields you from the elements while letting you relish the beauty of nature.

TEMO patio covers aren’t just practical structures – they’re canvases for endless possibilities. Aluma-Side, your trusted outdoor living partner in Bloomington-Normal for over five decades, brings its expertise to install patio covers that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Why Choose Aluma-Side Patio Covers?

  • Durable protection: Weather the Bloomington-Normal storms with confidence, knowing your patio cover can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way.
  • Variety of styles: From classic pergolas to sleek modern designs, we offer options to complement your home’s architecture and personal taste.
  • Enhanced livability: Expand your living space, bringing comfort and flexibility to your backyard gatherings and creating an all-weather space.
  • Increased home value: Add usable space and enhance the functionality of your Bloomington-Normal property.

Our team of design and installation experts will guide you through every step, from choosing the perfect style to seamlessly integrating your patio cover into your existing landscape. We offer an array of materials and customization options to ensure your new haven reflects your unique vision.

Ready to unlock the potential of your Bloomington-Normal backyard? Contact Aluma-Side today for a free patio cover quote and start the process of enjoying your new patio cover!

TEMO PATIO COVERS FRequently Asked Questions

With over 50 years of experience, TEMO is synonymous with superior craftsmanship and durability. Their covers boast features like:

  • Heavy-duty, fully extruded aluminum: Weather the Bloomington-Normal storms with confidence, knowing your TEMO cover can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way.
  • Solid thermal roof: Deflect the sun's heat and create a cool, comfortable haven for all-season enjoyment.
  • Low-maintenance finish: No peeling, cracking, warping, or insect infestation means more time relaxing and less time worrying about upkeep.
  • Lifetime warranty: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your TEMO cover is built to last.

Typically, smaller TEMO patio covers don't require permits. However, it's always best to check with your local zoning department to ensure there aren't specific regulations for your property. We at Aluma-Side can help you navigate the process.

The cost can vary depending on the size, style, and design features of your chosen TEMO cover. We offer a range of options to fit any budget and will provide a free, no-pressure quote during your consultation.

Absolutely! We offer various TEMO styles to complement your home's architecture and personal taste. You can even add optional features like retractable screens or ceiling fans for enhanced comfort and functionality.

While designed for fair-weather enjoyment, some TEMO covers can be adapted for colder months with heaters and insulated walls. We can explore options to extend your patio cover's usability throughout the year.

Transform Your Bloomington Home with Aristocrat Retractable Awnings

Imagine extending your Bloomington-Normal home seamlessly outdoors, basking in warm sunshine without sweltering heat. Imagine crisp evenings under the stars, shielded from unexpected showers. This dream becomes reality with Aristocrat Retractable Awnings from Aluma-Side Siding & Window.

Enjoy The Aristocrat Benefits
  • Effortless shade control: With a simple touch or remote, extend your awning to bask in the afternoon sun. Retract it instantly for breezy evenings or sudden downpours.
  • Superior sun protection: Choose from UV-protective fabrics that block up to 99% of harmful rays, keeping your family cool and comfortable.
  • Durable elegance: Aristocrat Awnings feature robust aluminum frames and high-quality fabrics, weathering Bloomington-Normal’s seasons.
  • Variety of sizes and styles: Choose from a range of awning sizes and projection lengths to perfectly complement your patio or deck.

Contact Aluma-Side Siding & Window today for a free quote and discover how Aristocrat Retractable Awnings can transform your Bloomington-Normal area outdoor living!

Frequently Asked Questions For Aristocrat Awnings

Awning sizes and projection lengths vary, but you can expect up to 12 feet of shade depth, creating a cool oasis on your patio or deck. Plus, adjustable pitch options let you maximize sun protection as the day progresses.

Absolutely! Crafted with durable aluminum frames and high-quality fabrics, they withstand Bloomington-Normal's seasons, rain or shine. The fabric is also designed to resist tearing, fading, and mildew.

From awning size and projection to fabric patterns and frame colors, the possibilities are nearly endless! Choose from a variety of options to perfectly complement your Bloomington-Normal home's style and create a unique outdoor area.

You bet! By blocking the sun's heat from hitting your windows and patio, Aristocrat Awnings can significantly reduce your air conditioning usage during the summer months. In Bloomington-Normal, you can expect energy savings, keeping your home cool and comfortable while lowering your electricity bills.

Yes! Our experienced team of professionals will handle every step, from initial consultation and measurement to expert installation and maintenance advice. We ensure your awning is beautifully integrated into your outdoor space for years of enjoyment.

Solar-Shades in Bloomington from Aluma-Side Siding & Window

Sun-drenched mornings, breezy afternoons – Bloomington-Normal offers some truly picture-perfect days. But when the sun becomes overwhelming, finding the perfect balance between sunshine and comfort can be tricky. That’s where Solar Shades come in, transforming your windows into elegant portals to light and serenity, all while keeping you home cool and protected. 

Step into a world where
  • Sunshine becomes your ally: No more squinting or drawing the curtains. Solar Shades filter light, reducing glare and heat while preserving the beauty of the outdoors.
  • Cool comfort reigns supreme: Say goodbye to sweltering afternoons. Solar Shades block the sun’s heat, creating a haven of refreshing shade that lowers your air conditioning usage and saves on energy bills.
  • Privacy finds its voice: Whether you’re enjoying a quiet morning coffee or hosting a lively gathering, Solar Shades offer just the right balance of seclusion, letting you connect with the outside world on your own terms.
  • Elegance whispers sophistication: Elevate your Bloomington-Normal home’s style with a spectrum of colors and textures. Our Solar Shades seamlessly blend with your décor, adding a touch of modern refinement to any window.
  • Durability stands the test of time: Crafted with premium materials and expert care, your Solar Shades weather Bloomington-Normal’s seasons with unwavering grace. Enjoy years of worry-free beauty and functionality.

Embrace the perfect harmony of light and comfort, serenity and style. Aluma-Side’s Solar Shades are an invitation to experience your Bloomington-Normal home in a whole new light. Contact us today for a free consultation and unlock the transformative power of Solar Shades!

Solar Shade Frequently Asked Questions

Not entirely! Solar Shades come in a variety of openness levels, allowing you to choose the perfect balance between light filtering and heat blocking. Opt for higher openness for dappled sunlight and a touch of privacy, or choose a lower openness for maximum glare reduction and cooler temperatures.

Absolutely! Aluma-Side offers a wide range of Solar Shade options, including custom sizes, colors, and fabrics to seamlessly blend with your Bloomington-Normal home's style. Plus, motorized and manual operating systems cater to your comfort and convenience.

Yes! By blocking the sun's heat from entering your home, Solar Shades can significantly reduce your air conditioning usage, leading to lower energy bills and a more sustainable lifestyle. Bloomington-Normal homeowners can see energy savings, keeping their homes cool and comfortable while staying eco-conscious.

Definitely! Aluma-Side's Solar Shades are crafted with high-quality fabrics and sturdy components that withstand Bloomington-Normal's seasons, rain or shine. They resist fading, tearing, and dust, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality for years to come.

Easy! Contact Aluma-Side today for a free consultation and discover the world of possibilities Solar Shades offer. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the options, answer your questions, and schedule a professional solar shade installation.

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